Honeymoon Registry Reviews and Testimonials

Using this registry was one of the best decisions we made throughout the planning process of our wedding. We are very grateful to have it exist.
- Stacey and Erik
It was the easiest site to use and the gift money was in our account the next day. I received so many positive comments from my guests. A few of my guests are going to use this site for their honeymoon!
- Amy and Ryan
We liked that the service was available. We loved the availability of the employees - quick responses to questions, actually being able to talk to a person, sending money when promised.
- Kimberly and Reginald
The registry is the greatest thing in the world for couples who do not need any more kitchenware like us. It added luxury options to our honeymoon that we would not necessarily have purchased.
- Catherine and Timothy
I loved the ease of this service. Instead of birthday and Christmas gifts, my husband and I asked people to go to the registry instead. It helped a lot!
- Kathy and Steve
I would like to thank you for your service. It was easy and fun to use and I would definitely recommend this honeymoon registry to other couples as an alternative to traditional gift registries!
- Steven and Laura
Your site was easy to use and kept track of the gifts we received. Once our trip starts we plan to take pictures of our experiences and send those in the thank you notes. Those experiences will be so much better than a blender!
-Rebecca and Kirby
Sign up! It's easy to use and really provides you with the funds to do all that you dream of doing on your honeymoon.
- Julie and Andrew
The customer service was truly awesome. I had several requests and questions and sent a handful of emails, all of which were responded to in the most helpful and prompt fashion. It didn't feel like an anonymous website experience at all - very personal.
- Elise and Shane
This is the best registry that we ever did! It completely paid for our honeymoon.
- Kristin and Nathan